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Since 2012 we have close cooperation with HORMANN ITALY SRL of which are unique dealers area.
In the market for building components HORMANN brand it is synonymous with doors, gates, frames and engines. In this area the fact HORMANN group is the largest producer in Europe.
The wide range of products is supported by over 70 service points for assembly and after-sales distributed throughout the national territory.

brand quality made in Germany
Sectional made in Germany All components of doors and engines are the result of research and Hörmann are produced in our plants are adapted one hundred percent to each other and tested and certified by recognized independent institutes for your Safety. They are produced in Germany according to the system of quality control ISO 9001 and meet all the requirements of European standard 13241-1. In addition, our highly specialized staff is working hard to seek new products, continuously improve and refine the details. So results are patents and unique products on the market.

Warranty and reliability
Sectional guaranteed for 10 years Test durable performed under real conditions ensure reliable series products in Hörmann quality. For this reason and thanks to excellent technical solutions and uncompromising quality management, Hörmann offers a 10 year warranty on all sectional doors and 5 years on their engines.

Open the doors to the benefits
Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are positioned parallel to the roof of the garage, which saves space. Thanks to this constructional principle maximum space both inside and outside of the garage. Moreover sectional doors can be adapted to any opening, offer greater passage width and are perfectly sealed.

mount sectional doors Tuscan For each installation situation
The shape of the garage opening is not important. It can be rectangular shaped, with low arches or semicircular: a sectional door is always adaptable to your needs.

Thermal resistance and resistance to standing water
Gaskets permanently elastic, weather-resistant, present on four sides, limiting the entry of wind, rain and snow. Additional intermediate seals of high quality positioned between the individual elements of the doors provide additional sealing. Tenuta Thermal sectional door The floor seal also compensates for any slight unevenness in the floor, thanks to a large tubular profile section. Seals optional floor with slits or air grilles applied to an element of the door ensure sufficient ventilation.
The lower base, 4 cm high, made of synthetic material resistant to cracking, protects long the door by corrosion and unlike the solutions proposed by third, also in case of permanent stagnant water. The lower base of the mast completely surrounds the frame in the area susceptible to rust. Only in this way it is guaranteed a long-term protection. Along the bottom seal of the door the lower base forms a closure perfectly successful also in terms of aesthetics

Security burglary proven
system security door garage The Hörmann automatic sectional doors are tested and certified by TÜV in accordance with the directive of" Burglary protection garage door "of the TTZ (Association of manufacturers of industrial doors, gates and frames). The uninvited guests have no chance with Hörmann sectional doors motorized. When the garage door is closed, the door security kit automatically engages in finding positioned on the rail so is now locked and protected against break-in attempts from outside. This locking of the door works in a purely mechanical therefore also without electrical power, contrary to the engines of third. They exclude door with wicket door and windows.

Remote exclusive
radio control sectional door The new and exclusive remotes BiSecur stand out not only for the design in white or black, but also for the elegant shape that fits comfortably in your hand. Remote controls BiSecur of Hörmann, with a living optional glossy piano lacquer type, were awarded by an international jury for their exclusive design.

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