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There are various advantages brought by the installation of a sectional side:

The higher the free surface in the garage ceiling
By opening side of the door you can exploit without limits the garage ceiling. There is even room for surfboards or canoes. Due to its construction the sectional door for garage may also be used in the presence of difficult fitting situations.

With the new sectional door to the garage so-called function Wicket is standard: whether the door is operated manually or be equipped with drive, can be opened only enough to quickly enter the garage. It thus gains in practicality and reduction of waiting times, eg. if you just want to take the bike from the garage.

brand quality made in Germany
Sectional made in Germany All components of doors and engines are the result of research and Hörmann are produced in our plants are adapted one hundred percent to each other and tested and certified by recognized independent institutes for your Safety. They are produced in Germany according to the system of quality control ISO 9001 and meet all the requirements of European standard 13241-1. In addition, our highly specialized staff is working hard to seek new products, continuously improve and refine the details. So results are patents and unique products on the market.

Warranty and reliability
Sectional guaranteed for 10 years Test durable performed under real conditions ensure reliable series products in Hörmann quality. For this reason and thanks to excellent technical solutions and uncompromising quality management, Hörmann offers a 10 year warranty on all sectional doors and 5 years on their engines.

SupraMatic, the operator "with the turbo"
Opening speed: from ca. 12 to 18 cm / s
Traction and compression: 650 N
motor sectional door - Remote HS 5 BS 5 buttons (matt black)
Peak force: 800 N
Door width: up to 6500 mm
- Request door position
- Low power consumption in standby less than 1 Watt
- Easy programming by entering a two-digit number (dual display)
- Lighting halogen spotlight operated separately
- Double automatic shut-off in the direction of opening and closing
- Adjustable partial opening breadth

ProMatic, privileged access to quality
motor sectional door Opening speed: from ca. 8 to 10 cm / s
Traction and thrust: 600 N
Peak force: 750 N
Door width: up to 3000 mm
- Remote control HSE 2 BS 2 button (matt black)
- Double automatic shut-off in the direction of opening and closing
- Adjustable partial opening breadth

Remote exclusive
radio control sectional door The new and exclusive remotes BiSecur stand out not only for the design in white or black, but also for the elegant shape that fits comfortably in your hand. Remote controls BiSecur of Hörmann, with a living optional glossy piano lacquer type, were awarded by an international jury for their exclusive design.

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