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facility that provides for the micro, small and medium-sized businesses the ability to access interest subsidies for loans taken out for the acquisition , including through financial leasing , machinery , equipment, assets and undertaking of new equipment factory to productive use , as well as for investments in hardware , in software and digital technologies.
The relief program is structured as follows :
- Establishment at Cassa a ceiling of funding amounting to EUR 2.5 billion , which banks and financial intermediaries , can be used to grant until December 31, 2016 , loans to SMEs investments in machinery , equipment, capital goods and business equipment new factory to productive use , as well as investments in hardware, in software and digital technologies;
- Grant by the Ministry of Economic Development , a contribution in favor of SMEs that have obtained the above loans to cover part of the interest paid by firms ;
- Possibility to benefit from the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises , to the maximum extent permitted (80%) , on the bank loan obtained by the company, with priority access . Facilitation can access the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with operational headquarters in Italy , duly established and registered in the Commercial Register in the full and free exercise of their rights, not in voluntary liquidation , subject to bankruptcy proceedings or in the "conditions of difficulty " , as required by Community legislation. The funding must be used for the purchase , including through leasing, machinery, plant , equipment and capital goods of firm new factory to productive use , as well as hardware, software and digital technologies intended for production facilities already in existence or to be planted , located anywhere in the country. Are not eligible for aid costs related to internal orders , the cost of machinery, plant and equipment used , the operating expenses , expenses related to taxes and stocks, as well as individual assets costing less than" 500.00 , the VAT and costs related to the loan agreement . For each firm, the financing :
- Must be approved by a bank or a financial intermediary , to cover investments qualify for assistance ;
- Can cover all investments be subsidized ;
- Must have a maximum duration of 5 years from the date of conclusion of the contract ;
- Must have a value of not less than EUR 20,000.00 and not more than 2 million , although divided into a purchasing initiatives .
  Businesses are entitled to relief only within the limits of available funds . Investments should be initiated after the date of the request for access to contributi3 and concluded within the grace period or pre-let , with a maximum duration of 12 months from the date of signing of the loan . In view of the aforesaid loan shall be granted interest subsidy , calculated by treaty at the rate of 2.75%. For the purposes of access to financial benefits provided for in Decree , companies are required to apply for relief by March 10, 2014 , exclusively using the forms available on the website completed in electronic form and signed with a digital signature , exclusively through dispatch by certified mail to the addresses of PEC banks / financial intermediaries adhering to the conventions , with which the company will then make contact to define the means of financing. The list of banks / financial intermediaries adhering to the conventions will be published on the websites and , updated from time to time . The question of access to facilities provides an indication of the costs of new goods factory to productive use according to the category of investment : plant and machinery, equipment and other capital goods , enterprise hardware and basic software .
In the request for access facilitation is also required to report , with indelible writing , the original of each invoice , and payment of that balance , on investment for which they have been obtained concessions , including through the use of a special stamp , the words " Exit euro ... done with the assistance of the benefits provided for in Article 2 , paragraph 5 of the Decree law of 21 June 2013, n . 69 ." In the absence of this term , the bill will not be considered valid and results in the revocation of the corresponding proportion of the facility . It must also retain all documentary evidence of expenditure, document attestation and prepared for the purposes of granting concessions for a period of ten years from the date of granting of the facilities themselves.
The facilitation is revoked , inter alia , in the case where :
- The assets being financed or lease to be alienated , assigned or distracted by the use of production expected in the three years following the date of completion of the investment ;
- The beneficiary has been the subject of filing for bankruptcy before the expiry of three years from the date of completion of the investment ;
- Intervene termination or forfeiture of the loan agreement , except in the case of early redemption or, in the case of leases, early surrender .