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The sliding door on the ground is built to modular doors to encourage galvanizing and transport on site. The assembly is made with rigid profiles completely bolted.
Scrolling on the ground is provided by wheels with double ball inside groove round and eccentric device to accurately adjust vertically.
The top rail is galvanized profile with bent fall, the sliding top is given by accompanying bearings positioned at the top of the door, lower guide type heavy iron U with brackets with round diameter 20mm. and all the accessories for the operation.
For packaging bilateral or more independent modules at the contact point of the doors is placed a gasket inserted on accident prevention dovetail.


Sliding Doors Corezzi PasqualeSandwich Panel - The sandwich panels are manufactured with smooth or embossed sheet thickness 6/10, surface treated with primer to allow the painting to finish in a cold oven with two-component acrylic enamel of any color RAL of the bribe.
filling to prevent swelling is in expanded polystyrene plate thickness 50 mm. density 25 Kg. / mc. Pasted on sheets with polyurethane glue.

Sliding Doors Corezzi PasqualeCart - The top rail of sliding gates is provided 30/10, galvanized, designed to accept the type of trucks with giant wheels of steel turned mm.70 on shielded ball bearings self-lubricating.
The truck is positioned on a bridge with through-hole soldered above the door of the door for balance, the center hole is tight with nut and lock nut. Thanks to hop on and off the threaded pin can make appropriate adjustments to optimize the movement of the door.

Sliding Doors Corezzi PasqualePedestrian Gate - The pedestrian door, if need to panic for emergency exit, is built on forepart tube to allow the deviation from the panels of the handle, with a small footprint at bottom land marked with yellow tape black. The door is anchored to the upright of the door thanks to hinges of thick, welded by means of fins to the tubular part by both the external and internal, equipped with anti-seize inside bushing and pin of 20 mm.

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