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The folding door is the most requested on the market, essential characteristics are:
easy opening of the doors that compose it, limited overall dimensions than light with possibility to have almost always the input hopper free dall'impacchettamento.
Gates to Book Corezzi Pasquale sliding system, with carts dragging doors, built by us, with wheel bearing shielded pin for recording and personalized guide galvanized thick.
Hinges thick, welded through the tubular lugs from both the external and internal, equipped with anti-seize inside bushing and pin of 20 mm.
The closing of the doors guaranteed by trap protection of mm. EPDM 70 SHORE. Seals are double between each door, staggered to avoid intrusions from the outside.
Floor seal guaranteed by a brush inserted profile of galvanized trough system for adaptation to industrial floor.


Gates to Book Corezzi PasqualeSandwich Panel - The sandwich panels are manufactured with smooth or embossed sheet thickness 6/10, surface treated with primer to allow the painting to finish in a cold oven with acrylic enamel bi component any RAL color of the bribe.
filling to prevent swelling is in expanded polystyrene plate thickness 50 mm. density 25 Kg. / mc. Pasted on sheets with polyurethane glue.
Gates to Book Corezzi Pasquale
Gasket accident prevention - The gasket accident prevention on folding doors is inserted on dovetail profiled on tubular uprights, the tires are staggered to allow the double lock, the material is EPDM 70 shore.
Gates to Book Corezzi Pasquale

Cart - The top rail of folding doors is provided 30/10, galvanized, designed to accept the type of trucks with giant wheels of steel turned mm.70 on shielded ball bearings self-lubricating.
The hinges of folding doors are welded on the structure both internal and external, are made of steel S 235 4 mm thick, and incorporate a bushing in brass, together with the hinges welded allows the insertion of supporting pins with the next recording in the top and bottom of the whole door.

Gates to Book Corezzi PasqualeFolding door on door cut - On folding doors without ground that open in two collections, one on each side of the uprights hinged at the center of one of the doors can be built the pedestrian door for emergency exit without encumbrance at the bottom. The opening to the outside is given by the panic bar to two locking points, with the possibility of opening with handle and key, while the door opening can result from the width of the measure or request. In cases where it is necessary a link at the bottom, it is made a little space on the ground marked by yellow tape black.

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